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Time Saving Tips

What’s New Logos 6 Manual

  • Easy to follow instructions for NEW Logos 6 features
  • Over 150 Pages and 27 chapters
  • 100’s of screenshots illustrate instructions
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Time Saving Tips

Deluxe Print Bundle

  • Logos Bible Software 4 Training Manual Volumes 1 & 2
  • Inductive Bible Study & Sermon Preparation Manuals
  • Quick Reference Cards & Mousepad
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MPSeminars Shop

Books. Software. Training.

  • Camp Logos Live
  • Manuals, Training Booklets
  • QuickCards, Software, Training Tools
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Camp Logos Seminar

Powerful. Practical.

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Inductive Bible Study with Logos Bible Software Seminar

Read. Knead. Heed.

  • Get the most out of your Bible study and Logos Bible Software
  • Learn / review inductive Bible study methods
  • Four step-by-step plans for organizing Logos into a Bible Study
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I-Beam Sermon Preparation Seminar

Biblical. Applicable.

  • Prepare expository messages
  • Six steps to build a message
  • Available on DVD
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Each year we send our staff to Camp Logos to learn how to use our own tool better.

Bob Pritchett
President, Logos Bible Software

Learn Logos 5 from the Only Authorized Trainer

  • Training includes new Logos 5 features
  • For PC & Mac versions of Logos
  • Seminars offered around the world

Camp Logos is our two day, hands-on seminar in which we teach you to practically use Logos Bible Software.

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Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor

...is the president of MP Seminars, the authorized trainer of Logos Bible Software and the Libronix Digital Library System.

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Everything You Need to Learn Logos...

...and a few things you'll probably want

  • Logos 5 Manuals
  • Quick Cards
  • Logos Shortcut Mousepads
  • More Training Materials

The MPSeminars Shop is your source for all Logos training.

Logos 5 Training Manual Set

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