Camp Logos 2

For 15 years we have conducted two day Camp Logos training seminars around the country teaching thousands of people to study the Bible with Logos Bible Software. The software contains so many features and applications that we can’t possibly cover them all in two days. Camp Logos 2 picks up where the regular Camp Logos leaves off. Like Camp Logos 1, the registration fee for Camp Logos 2 is $225*.

You may be asking “Do I really need another seminar?” Yes. This seminar is totally different than the regular Camp Logos. You know the software is powerful, but how do you organize your many books and Logos 5 features into profitable and time saving study? This seminar will help you as you learn to customize your resources like never before!

This is a very practical seminar. We spend a lot of time at the book level answering such questions as:

  • What books are in my library?
  • How are my books indexed?
  • How do I organize my books for maximum benefit?
  • How do I combine prioritized resources, collections, and parallel resource associations for effective Bible study?

And of course we’ll examine additional features like syntactical data bases, visual filters, power note taking, language books and more.

Just like the regular Camp Logos, this seminar is very practical. We’ll teach you how to set up your Logos Bible Software for maximum benefit according to the way you study.

Please remember, in Camp Logos 2 we assume a general knowledge of the basics of Logos Bible Software. So please review the list of prerequisites before registering.

*National Camp Logos in Bellingham is $275, which includes two catered meals each day

Quick Facts

Logos Bible Software contains so many features and applications that we can’t possibly cover them all in two days of regular Camp Logos. So Camp Logos 2 picks up where the regular Camp Logos leaves off.

Here are some Quick Facts about this seminar but please be sure to click the various links for more in-depth information.

As with the regular Camp Logos, Morris Proctor will be the instructor for Camp Logos 2.

This seminar is designed for the user who is already familiar with the basics of Logos Bible Software. You do not have to be an advanced user but we do ask you to be familiar with the prerequisites.

Since Camp Logos 2 is a continuation of Camp Logos we ask you to be knowledgeable of some of the basic features of Logos Bible Software. Please be sure to review the list of these prerequisites before registering. You do not, however, have to be an advanced Logos user to attend Camp Logos 2.

The cost for Camp Logos 2 is $225 which includes two days of guided hands-on training, a Camp Logos 2 syllabus (which contains material only available at this seminar), and snacks throughout the day.

Most seminars run on the following schedule:

  • Day 1: 9-4
  • Day 2: 9-3

We recommend casual, comfortable attire.

The seminars are hands-on so please bring your laptop. If you don’t have one, please indicate on the registration form that you need to reserve one for a nominal shipping charge of $20. These are PC laptops; we do not have any Mac laoptops to rent at this time. Electric outlets are provided at each table so you don’t need strong batteries.

Seminar Outline

Camp Logos 2 contains two major sections fulfilling two primary purposes of the seminar:

Part 1: Organize Your Books

Morris helps you to analyze your personal library and organize every book you own into a collection or parallel resource set. After this thorough customizing of your library, no book is overlooked and every book becomes easily accessible for searching and research.

Morris' goal here is to teach how to fish rather than just giving you a fish.

Part 1 includes these sections:

  • Know Your Books
  • Know Your Books’ Indexing
  • Prioritize Your Books
  • Tag Your Books
  • Collect Your Books
  • Parallelize Your Books
  • Report Your Books

Don't let some of the simple titles fool you. In Part 1, you're learning some behind the scenes shortcuts and features that only the most experienced Logos users know. After completing these sections, you can add as many books to your library as you want without a single book being lost or going to waste.

Part 2: Logos Features

Logos Bible Software contains many more features than can't possible be covered in Camp Logos 1. So after organizing your books, you’ll begin investigating additional Logos features including but not limited to:

  • Original Language Study
  • Morphological Searching
  • Syntactical Databases
  • Visual Filters
  • Field Searching
  • Passage Lists*
  • Highlighting
  • Sentence Diagramming*
  • Advanced Note Taking

* - If time allows

As always, with each feature Morris shows you time saving shortcuts and practical applications for your personal Bible study and sermon / lesson preparation.


moBioPic3.pngYour instructor at each seminar is Morris Proctor, the authorized Logos and Libronix trainer. Here’s his story in his own words:

I became a disciple of Jesus Christ and teacher of His word through the personal ministry of my good friend and bestselling author Robert Morgan. In the early 80’s Rob began instilling in me a love for the Bible and Christian books, as well as a desire to study and teach Scripture effectively. I, therefore, dutifully set out to build my personal library of print books. I spent years and thousands of dollars securing many needed resources. As I developed into a pastor - teacher, I spent countless hours in study and sermon preparation.

When the personal computer age hit, I was reluctant to enter the electronic world, choosing rather to stay in my comfort zone of pen and paper. In the late 90’s a friend gave me a copy of Logos Bible Software. Not owning or knowing how to use a computer, the software remained in the box. Finally, another friend loaned me a computer, loaded the software, and instructed me to become proficient with both the software and a computer "for my own good".

After a week of reading the Logos Bible Software User's Guide and "hunting and pecking" around the keyboard, I actually started studying the Bible electronically. I was shocked to discover the profound impact this new method of study had on my Biblical research and sermon preparation. The world of Logos Bible Software allowed me to study and prepare sermons both more quickly and effectively.

I introduced my friends to the software and began teaching them how to use it. I then began putting my software teaching outlines into manual form to develop the first Quick Reference Training Manual.

Through the encouragement of friends I contacted the leadership at Logos Research Systems, informing them of my instructional classes for their software and desire to partner with them to train their users. They invited me to their Oak Harbor, WA headquarters in 1998 to conduct the national Camp Logos.

After the seminar I shared my vision to take this training around the country from church to church, equipping people to effectively use Logos Bible Software. The Logos leadership enthusiastically agreed. In the fall of 1998 the regional Camp Logos hit the road. We named this new training endeavor Morris Proctor Seminars.

For nearly 15 years, I, along with my wife Cindy and also some faithful assistants, have conducted hundreds of hands on training seminars around the globe. In addition to the live training seminars we produce videos on CD and DVD, print manuals, and miscellaneous training materials all designed to help Logos users get the most out of their software

In 2001, as the seminar demands increased, I stepped back from pastoring a church to devote full time to training Logos users. I still, however, maintain a very active preaching / teaching schedule which keeps me in the Bible and Logos Bible Software on a daily basis for my personal use. Before I am a trainer, first and foremost I am a student of the Word and user of the software myself. Hopefully this personal use of the software translates into very practical training for you.


In the regular Camp Logos we do not assume any knowledge of Logos Bible Software from the attendees. In Camp Logos 2 , however, we ask that you have a basic understanding of some key features:

  • Home Page
  • Guides
  • Library
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites
  • Layouts
  • Searching
  • Cited By
  • Lookup

In Camp Logos 2 we do not teach how to do the above features, but rather assume everyone knows how to do them. We build on these features taking you to the next level.

Camp 2 Testimonials

Thanks for Camp Logos 2. It exceeded all expectation. Absolutely Incredible!

Camp Logos 2 was very worthwhile.

I’m amazed at all I learned and how much I didn’t know.

I didn’t know my Logos Bible Software could do that.

This is the best continuing education seminar I have ever attended!

Our pastoral staff and other leaders found the presentation level to be beyond what they anticipated, and we were thrilled with the experience and knowledge "Moe" provided!

As a “power user”, I found Camp Logos 2 incredibly helpful! It was a giant leap forward from the Camp Logos and made it possible for me to customize the software to perfectly meet my study needs.

I was a little hesitant last year before attending the Camp Logos. I was not sure it would be worth the time and money to attend. But I told my secretary after the conference that I could have left after the first hour, and it would have been worth the money. What I learned in the seminar helped me to spend more time in the areas that are important and less time trying to figure out where everything is. When I decided to attend the Camp Logos 2, I was hesitant because I did not know if I had an adequate working knowledge of the basic information. I also wondered if I would learn enough to justify the time and cost. Once again I was not disappointed. It helped me know how to better organize the Logos materials. Knowing how group resources according by the way they are indexed will help save time in study.

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